Oct. 30, 2017

CSU donation campaign aims to give back

The cost of teaching someone to read, six lattes a year. The cost to help shelter a homeless family, a year’s worth of loose change in the couch at home. Cleveland State University’s Uniting to Share Campaign has begun again and is putting things in perspective.

From October to December every year, Cleveland State invites the campus to contribute to its campaign, which offers donors the option of giving to United Way, Community Shares and Earth Way. Last year, contributions from 274 members of faculty and staff amounted to a little more than $49,000. This year, the campaign hopes to collect more than $51,000.

“[The intent] is to show that Cleveland State is part of the greater community, the idea is to make a bigger impact when you give as a part of the CSU community,” said Jami Derry, the project coordinator for the campaign. “Instead of me just handing over a check for ten dollars, when we come together, we can hand over a check for $50,000, which makes a much bigger difference.”

According to their university webpage, if every member of faculty and staff gave $2 per pay period, Cleveland State’s donation would reach more than $88,000 dollars – all of which stays within Northeast Ohio.

While the campaign is trying to find ways to increase student involvement, Derry explains that it’s difficult because donations are usually collected through payroll deductions. She reached out to Student Life this year in an attempt to get student organizations more involved in the campaign.

“I know that they do a lot of fundraising for different causes and they can still do it for their cause through the campaign,” Derry said. “For example, under United Way you can pick a specific organization to give to, like Boy Scouts of America.”

Many donations are made either through a payroll deduction or through a personal check, but the campaign offers an option to donors with a bit of a sweet tooth too. Through the Honor’s College advising office, those who wish to contribute to the campaign can buy a “boo-a-gram” wrapped around a Malley’s chocolate bar to send to a friend, or just to eat for themselves.

“Even though you might not have much, someone else always has less,” Derry said. “Honestly, a dollar out of each one of your paychecks, you probably won’t miss that much, you probably lose more than that in change every week.”


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