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Cement must solidify under tarps before improved sidewalks are walkable for pedestrians.


Feb. 5, 2018

Sidewalk overhauls continue on campus

Repairs and improvements to Cleveland State University’s grounds have brought independent contractors to campus for a variety of projects in recent months.

Sidewalks and fire hydrants have been a main concern for repair.

The majority of the improvements currently being made are located in front the Main Classroom and Music and Communication buildings.

Director of Facilities in the Department of Facilities, Architect, Safety, & Technology (FAST) Shehadeh Abdelkarim explained the changes for campus sidewalks.

“Cleveland State is responsible for all sidewalks on our campus. Work outside Main Classroom is completed,” said Abdelkarim.

FAST’s responsibilities cover a variety of services — including building maintenance, custodial services, electrical operations, grounds, mechanical operations and mail services.

“The city replaced a fire hydrant on East 22nd in front of Main Classroom. We have two areas of concrete to be finished next week outside of the Law Building and the corner of East 21st and Euclid Avenue,” said Abelkarim.

The sidewalk construction work has been hired out to independent contractors.

FAST management uses its discretion to choose assignments it takes on and those that it does not.

One construction worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “The school pays each worker $50 an hour. I guess they have money to spend. Some spots that really need repair are not going to get touched at this time. Hopefully, at a later date.”

FAST personnel said they expect the sidewalk construction completed in the coming weeks.

Jess Sency, a junior and double major in communication and journalism, commented about her commute during the winter months.

“It’s hard to park in the city,” Sency said. “Construction outside and on the sidewalks makes it a little more confusing.

I love all the new buildings at Cleveland State, but I wish they did some of the construction in the summer when the weather is better.”


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