SGA president reviews past and future in address

by Patrick Kaminowski

Feb. 26, 2018

The Cleveland State University Student Government Association presented its current state of affairs, charitable work, goal planning and steps to help better the future student body in 2018 on Friday, Feb. 16.

Student Government President, Aiesha Kangan presented an update that praised the wide efforts of the student senate and the notable work that has been completed in areas such as finance, student engagement, and aiding communities outside of the campus area.

Kangan described the work of Students Serving Students as a group that strives to protect diversity, campus safety, works with the police department and looks into new academic opportunities to represent the best interests of students.

“These are all at the forefront of what SGA wanted their peers to know would be integral to our mission when we took office,” Kangan said. Kangan mentioned that the goal of SGA is to create a versatile and inclusive source of collaboration between the organizations of the Campus Activities Board, Viking Expeditions and the 1964 society.

These three organizations have experienced success in the hurricane relief effort, as well as the women’s shelter donations, raising close to $1,000 in donations, including useful items being sent throughout the country.

SGA members also designed and administered surveys in collaboration with the psychology department to measure areas such as student engagement, dining, residence life and general improvements within the student body.

SGA looks forward to using information from surveys to set up bias-free data for future Cleveland State administration.

Kangan personally thanked senate members notably, Melissa Moon, whose work in the marketing area built up SGA’s social media platforms and the upcoming release of a new website for Student Government.

Treasurer Kyle Stephens was also praised for teaming with the finance committee to streamline the funding process, making it “the easiest it’s been in years,” Kangan said.

The Senate committee was noticed for pushing Cleveland State into the media spotlight of innovation and limitless possibility.

Kangan extended thanks and gratitude to faculty members who consistently attend Senate meetings and the Faculty Senate who provide mentorship and a solid foundation to build upon.

Kangan told the audience, ”it’s been a trying year for transition, but its also been rewarding.” Future generations of Viking leadership will capitalize each year and succeed exponentially.”



SGA president reviews past and future in address

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