CIA-CSU graduate program offers opportunities

By Arbela Capas

May 7, 2018

A posting on an independent website for Cleveland State University photography students as well as around the arts campus went up in February. The post described an opportunity for art students at Cleveland State to study at the Cleveland Institute of Art for a year through the CIA/CSU post baccalaureate program.
The deadline for Spring 2018 applicants was Feb. 22, and faculty from the Art and Design Department chose the recipients.

Students had to submit samples of their art work as well as have good attendance and academic standing, among other requirements, to be accepted

“We are a small art program and CIA has a very good program with more options,” said Qian Li, an associate professor of art and design at Cleveland State who has helped students with the process of applying. “It’s so interesting and will really build up someone’s portfolio.”

The purpose of the program is to provide a continued education for the students at Cleveland State. Although the program does not provide course credit, it allows art students to take a variety of different advanced classes that the art program at Cleveland State doesn’t have. Recipients have tuition and fees waived.

“It is an overall amazing opportunity compared to how expensive their tuition is,” Li said.

Although the recipients would not receive class credit, the program serves as a useful continued education opportunity. Other arts classes such as Industrial design, glass blowing and game design are courses CIA offers, which the students could take attend through the program.

This year, the Arts Faculty at Cleveland State chose five students who received the scholarship that will allow them to take a full year of classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art, free of charge.

Austin Cupach is one of these students. A studio art major with a focus in photography, Cupach is in his senior year at Cleveland State and will be one of the recipients of the scholarship this upcoming school year.

After submitting his materials he found out a week later that he had been accepted. Although the program is available each year and open to multiple students, not many applications are sent in. However, faculty members such as Qian Li and Mark Slankard from the photography department help students with the application process.

“I applied after being encouraged by Mark and Qian to submit my work and I found out about a week and a half later,” Cupach said. “I hope to further my work as a landscape photographer while continuing to create a cohesive body of work that resonates with the viewer,” Cupach said. 


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