Urban Studies professor receives $300,000 grant

By: Matthew Johns

Oct. 29, 2018

The Embassy of the United States to Georgia awarded Iryna Lendel, Ph.D., a $300,000 grant to implement a University Research and Entrepreneurial Skills Program.

The project is a collaboration with the Monte Ahuja College of Business’s Center for Outreach and Engagement. Lendel, director of the Center for Economic Development in the Maxine Levin Goodman College of Urban Affairs, said the hope is to also involve community partners in the endeavor.

Other major organizations, such as World Bank and the European Union, are working alongside Cleveland State University in this project.

Lendel explained that the grant allows Cleveland State and Georgian universities and organizations to share expertise in research and entrepreneurship by sending participants to each location, Lendel explained. She said both sides benefit from this partnership, which is the philosophy behind taking on the project.

“People in Georgia can benefit from seeing a different model, a different experience, and learn from it,” Lendel said.

She also said Cleveland State can benefit.

“One, we are promoting CSU’s name, CSU’s brand, opportunities that exist at CSU in particular, to a new country, a new market, somewhere where we didn’t have exposure before,” Lendel said. “Second, in entrepreneurship, there’s always something to learn.”

She said Georgia is receiving technical assistance from organizations all over the world.

“There are myriads of organizations and projects that are there,” Lendel said. “We can learn from other organizations that are there, other organizations that are extending their technical assistance to other countries.”

Several other Cleveland State faculty members will assist Lendel in the endeavor.
Jerzy Sawicki, Ph.D., vice president for research, will provide expertise in a number of areas, including university research administration, developing relationships between universities and industry and commercialization.

Colette Hart, senior director at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the college of business, will lead entrepreneurship training, creation of cross-campus entrepreneurs training and organization of competitors.

Finally, Jack Kraszewski, director of the Technology Transfer Office, will lead the training in industry-university research and development and commercialization.

Lendel said it is important to recognize that this is a collaboration between the two Cleveland State colleges, because the expertise provided between the two will prove beneficial.

Specific Georgian universities and organizations participating in the project have not yet been decided.

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