CSU volleyball catches fire, wins 8 of last 11

By: Zak Zevchik

Oct. 29, 2018

After a shaky start to the season, Cleveland State University women’s volleyball is beginning to catch steam, winning eight of its last 11 games.

After losing four straight, their run of success began on the weekend of Sept. 14, in which they won two out of three games.

Then, the team really caught fire, winning its next six.

Prior to the six-game win streak, the team was sitting with a .500 record at 6-6.
Sophomore middle hitter, Hannah Greene, said the team’s mindset has changed since it has been winning.

“We have really picked up our work ethic and our mindset,” Greene said. “We believe in each other and play together, and we have fun while doing it. It makes it a lot easier to win games.”

Greene said that the recent success for the team can be attributed to hard work in practice—and what their coach uses to motivate them.

“We like to go off of an acronym our Coach made up “C.U.B.I.E. Can you bring it everyday?” Greene said. “We pretty much say this before every practice.”

The CSU volleyball team is no stranger to success, coming off three-straight Horizon League championships. The adversity of climbing back from a .500 record could stall some teams, but Greene said it has only helped this group.

“It just makes the team closer,” Greene said. “We become a lot stronger together when we truly are pushing and fighting toward being better and pushing for the same goal.”

Expectations for the team are already high, but Greene said they have a bigger goal this year — to make it past the first round of the NCAA tournament — something that Cleveland State’s volleyball team has never done.

“Obviously, another [Horizon League] championship is always the goal but to make it past the first round of the NCAA tournament is one of the many things that has motivated us to better ourselves,” Greene said.

Greene said that having fun while winning is important—and as long as they continue to keep the games fun, the team should continue its success.

“Everyone loves to win but I believe a good win is one that is earned and that was fun to earn. We have had a good amount of those,” Greene said. “I think that is what gives us steam. We love the thrill and the feeling of that.”

When asked if the team is getting hot at the perfect time, Greene’s answer was simple.

“I think every time is a good time to be hot. There is no good time for it — it should be all the time.”

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