CSU host guest speaker on information security

By: Beth Casteel

Oct. 29, 2018

The Monte Ahuja College of Business’s Association for Information Systems presented a discussion with Tyler Musser, a security engineer manager at Sherwin-Williams, on the topic of information security in the workplace on Oct. 17.

The presentation happened on a dreary Wednesday afternoon, but that didn’t deter the handful of curious students from coming to the business school’s boardroom to hear what Musser and colleagues had to say about the importance of information security.

Unlike most presentations, this meeting followed a “roundtable style,”  where a moderator asked various questions to move the meeting along while still allowing attendees to ask their own questions. While it was primarily moderator-driven, students had the opportunity to ask their own questions later in the meeting.  

Messer talked about a variety of topics including their roles in the company and how college students could capitalize on working for their company.

To begin his presentation, Messer started off by saying there are a lot of opportunities for college students when it comes to working for the company, especially in their information security department.

“We have 55 to 60 people within security and privacy in our organization,” Messer said. “We’ve grown that program over the last several years. I think we started with maybe 25 people and we’ve organically added people, we’ve brought in new capabilities we want to support with the tools and we do a lot of college recruiting.”

Following the introduction to his presentation, Messer went into more detailed topics of conversation, including how they implement information security for a major company like Sherwin Williams, how students can break into the world of IT and finding more secure ways of handling information.

As of right now, Messer’s presentation is the last event the AIS will host for the fall semester.

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) is a student organization that “serves society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems.”



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