Healthy Relationships Test Benefit Students By: Kiana Dean

Dec. 10th, 2018

Students interested in finding out if they are in a healthy relationship can participate in a healthy relationship test presented by the Heart Lab.

Students do not need their significant other to be with them during the testing time, but will receive information to share with their partner after they complete the test. Trinity Owens, a senior, participated in the test about two weeks ago.

“I wanted to take it because sometimes I’m unsure if the relationship I’m in is healthy,” she said. “We know of all the signs of abuse, but can’t really know when a relationship has potential in lasting.”
Owens explained that while she knows her feelings about someone she has been seeing the past year; her generation seems to be uncomfortable with feelings and spend time together without having direct communication.

“The test asked me questions about my childhood, my parents, and how those can be related to how I’m feeling now,” Owens said. “Once I answered all the questions, I had a better direct idea of how a healthy relationship should be ideally. Positive communication, affection, the idea of seeing a future with someone is always a start to seeing a healthy relationship. I think I’m growing into a healthy relationship myself -- it just came with time.”

Participants must be willing to discuss the past and present activities of their current relationship and be in that relationship for at least three months to take the test. The healthy relationships test will be administered for the rest of the semester. To schedule a time to take the test or to ask questions about it, contact Liz Goncy, Ph.D., at (216) 687-2394.


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