May 6, 2019

Solo Practice Incubator celebrates fifth anniversary

By Victoria Shea

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law is known for standing out from the nine other law schools in the state of Ohio. One of the first in the nation to admit women as well as admit students of color, and offer a part-time law school program, Cleveland-Marshall faculty and administrators always think about their students and the school's role in educating the next generation of lawyers.

It was evident once again on Wednesday, April 17 when the law school celebrated the fifth anniversary of its Solo Practice Incubator.

Located on East 18th Street on the ground level of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, the Solo Practice Incubator provides law school graduates with office spaces to begin their own solo practices.

"I think it takes a lot of guts and creativity and a lot of entrepreneurship to start your own business," said Lee Fisher, dean of Cleveland-Marshall during his remarks. "I admire what you do."

Featuring 10 office and conference rooms, John Plecnik, a tax law professor at Cleveland-Marshall, said when the rooms aren't serving as offices, they are converted to study rooms for current law students to use.

"There's never wasted space," Plecnik said.

In addition to the office and conference rooms, the space provides a small kitchenette as well as an office supply room and access directly into the Law Library.

Fisher said during his remarks that normally the Solo Practice Incubator is filled to capacity with 10 lawyers each running their own, separate practices. Currently, there are six lawyers occupying offices. Plecnik said 10 is always the goal, as approximately 10-20 percent of graduates want to start their own practices.

"We should help them," Plecnik said.

He explained how the four open offices are a sign of success, showing the mentorship those graduates received in two years while they were in the Solo Practice Incubator helped them get their start so they can go off and be successful.


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