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May 6, 2019

Cleveland State honors student team

Cleveland State University faculty hosted a celebration honoring a group of undergraduate students on Tuesday, April 23, inside Julka Hall.

The students are from multiple majors and various colleges, completing the creation of a brand-new site for Campus Support Services.

Collaborating with the Information Services and Technology department, Chief Information Officer David Bruce assembled a four-person team of engineering students to complete the first of several university projects while providing them with real-world working experience.

“Our CIO came up with the idea to have students collaborate with our group to complete projects that relate to what they are learning in the classroom,” said Tommie Barclay, director of web & e-initiatives at Cleveland State University. “We wanted to find students who could assist us in working on these projects so it would free us up to do other initiatives for the University.”

From IS&T to Campus Support Service members, the audience was thrilled with the Agile Team’s PowerPoint presentation of the newly redesigned Elements on Euclid website. The friendly open webpage will be a modern mobile-first design compatible with all connected devices.

“This was a chance to move the site off of an old server and onto a new platform,” said Bart McPherson, senior web architect at Cleveland State University. “The current design of this site has been the same for 10 years, so we wanted to have a fresh look while providing the students experience that they would not pick up in the classroom.”

McPherson said he believes this project will benefit the university and would like to add more students to the team for future projects.

“This is a really exciting initiative for me because this ties to the Engaged Learning mission of the university,” said David Bruce. “We have very talented students and I hope we can grow the team if we are able to find the right projects.”

Since launching in 2009, the original Elements on Euclid website used the program Adobe Dreamweaver. The updated version will be launched during the fall semester using the program Drupal.

“This team will be very valuable to students when they go about doing their resumes and how to tell their story to employers,” said Karen Lieske, an assistant director in Career Services.
“It is another way to grow more student employment opportunities and convert them into internships and real work experiences,” she added.

To see the updated design, be sure to visit


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